Wells Technology Inc
 Customer Service Strategy
Business Expansion
Growth of 18% per year has been achieved through a focus on prompt customer service and competitive pricing.  To improve product and distribution capability for customers, business profits are re-invested in expansion of production equipment and employee training, which provides skills and jobs to Native American communities. Customers also find WELLS TECHNOLOGY to be an excellent Tier-1 SDB and HUB distribution channel for over 645,000+ FASTENAL MRO and OEM industrial and construction supplies.

"Lean" Manufacturing
Each year, 20% of sales revenue is invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for WELLS TECHNOLOGY. Customers benefit from lower production costs and higher-quality products produced on the new equipment. Modern production equipment such as the new CNC Swiss screw machine with automatic bar feeders are shown on the left, and are part of our investment strategy to serve customers and provide new employment opportunity for economically disadvantaged people.

Invest in Employee Training
Customer service depends on modern technology and a work force of capable skilled employees.
WELLS TECHNOLOGY is located between three Native American Indian Reservations which have an available work force. However this work force also requires in-depth technical training to become industrial machine operators, to help serve customers and to create employment opportunity for economically disadvantaged people.

has started a new training program named Wells Academy. This new non-profit industrial training program is innovative and will serve as a non-traditional model for other businesses who wish to work cooperatively with economically disadvantaged people in providing a capable work force and job opportunities through education.