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Custom Hardware manufactured to exceed your specifications is our business.

Your RFQs receive prompt attention. Bids are carefully prepared by using production records and computer software to analyze costs in materials, tooling, and each lean manufacturing operation. When your purchase orders arrive, drawings and documents are cross-checked with your specifications. To assure process conformity, production documents follow your projects from material selection to machining, finishing, inspections and shipping.

Solar Tracking Equipment Manufacturing

Solar panels are up to 35% more productive when they can be positioned toward the sun during daylight hours.  Also, by moving the solar panels toward a more vertical position facing East in morning and West in the evening hours, there is less snow buildup during winter months.  To capture the additional efficiency of solar panel tracking of the sun, Wells Technology manufactures rugged 2-axis solar tracking equipment for operation in the cold weather of Northern states.  Each unit is fabricated from steel, galvanized, and capable of producing over 3,000 Watts per hour in bright sunlight.